What kind of watch are you?

As the saying goes that clothes make the man, watch nowadays is more and more important for a man now. But what kind of watch you wear usually can reflect your personality more or less.

If you have a small face watch, you might have your own quiet confidence. You don’t need your watch to speak for you, perhaps you are a little shy but when they really get to know you they will find you are not understated just misunderstood.

Racing: Unleash the inner race car driver in you. You are going to turn some heads while rocking this bold timepiece. You live a fast paced, exhilarating lifestyle and need a watch with as much attitude and adrenaline as you have. You don’t follow the crowd. You fly in front of the pack with power and style.

Dressy: You may not wear hipster glasses like LeBron and Dwayne, but you know how to took sharp. You may have to decide between a tie or no tie, but one thing is for certain, you’re watch is going to be a big hit at this evenings event. Cool, classy, and confident…you know who you are.

Sports: You need a watch that you can still check the time 300 meters underwater. It doesn’t matter to you that you don’t know how to swim. Just in case, you are prepared. Stopwatch, alarms, and a digital display are just the beginning. While you are running the Marathon, you will know exactly how calories you are burning, how many miles you have read, your longitude/latitude and not to mention your heart rate and blood pressure. Your watch never gives up, just like you.111213134

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